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Registration details


Self-financed trainee registrations:

Print, complete and send us the registration form to register for the training courses. The form must be accompanied by a check for €150 which will be cashed only if the course module is maintained.


You will be asked to pay a deposit of €150 to complete your request. With the payment of the deposit, the trainee signs a training contract/agreement. From the date of signature of the contract / agreement, the trainee has a period of 10 days to withdraw (by letter RAR).


The number of people per session is limited to a maximum of 15 with a minimum of 3 to start. 

Registrations and regulations  for trainees who benefit from a  funding:

The training can be supported by a collecting organization , the 1% continuing education (ask your accounting department).

The registration number of the Coresprit Pilates training center: 11755097375

Certified by the OPCAs and funders, CNEFOP "Training Quality" (DATADOCK

Implementing decree of 30/06/2015)

Trainees who favor support must request a training estimate for their procedures with the collecting organization.

The quote request is made online on this page

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Terms of Sales

Signature of a contract = for an individual in auto financing.

Signature of an agreement = for an individual with a siret number and in self-financing, or through a training fund, or by his employer.

Article I: Withdrawal periods

From the date of signature of the contract/convention, the trainee has a period of 10 days to withdraw, he informs the training organization by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, no sum can be demanded of the trainee.

In case of cancellation, for a contract the following amount will be refunded to you: more than 30 days: 100%, from 30 days to 8 days: 50%, less than 8 days: none repayment. For an agreement: more than 60 days: 100%, from 60 days to 30 days: 50%, less than 30 days: no refund.

Below 3 people registered, the training center grants itself the right to cancel and postpone the date of the training.

If the trainee is prevented from following the training as a result of duly recognized force majeure (after sending official proof by registered mail maximum 7 days after the event - Death of parents/children, funeral of close family, emergency hospitalization), the professional training contract may be either terminated (in this case, only the services actually provided are due in proportion to their value provided for in this contract), or it will be possible to follow the training at another time, on dates proposed

by the training center.

Article II: Financial provisions

1. The customer, in return for the training actions carried out, agrees to pay the organization a sum corresponding to the training costs including tax (see the amounts in force on the website).

2. The training body, in return for the sums received, undertakes to carry out all the actions provided for in the context of this agreement as well as to provide any document and document likely to justify the reality and

the validity of the training expenses incurred in this regard.

3. After the 10-day withdrawal period, the trainee pays the full cost of the training on the first day of the training (only for self-funded training).

4. The training can be supported by an OPCA collecting body, the 1% continuing education. Declaration of activity registered under the approval number: N° 11755097375, this registration is not valid

state approval. If a training module is subject to an assessment and the trainee does not pass it, it is possible to retake the assessment to validate the level within 6 months of the last

training day.

The trainee will pay 50€ including tax for educational costs for this remedial action.

Article III: Effective date and duration of the contract / agreement

The contract/agreement takes effect from the date of signature, to end at the end of the training.

Article IV: Possible disputes

If a dispute or dispute cannot be settled amicably, the Court of Paris will have sole jurisdiction to rule on the dispute.

Signature of a contract = for an individual in auto financing.

Signature of an agreement = for an individual with a siret number and in self-financing, or through a training fund, or by his employer.

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