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Useful information

  • First lesson: how does it work?
    It is possible to register for a first course throughout the year. 
    For the first lesson, choose a "trial lesson" rate and proceed with your registration by following the instructions given below.

  • Pre-registration is mandatory for all courses? How far in advance should I register?
    Pre-registration is required for all courses . It must be made  at least  two hours before the start of the course, three hours before the course during holiday periods.


  • How and where to register for courses?

  • From any page of the site, use the "RESERVE A CLASS" button. On the schedule choose the course to book and click on the REGISTER button . 

  • If this is your first booking , you will be asked to create a customer account (new user).

  • If you already have a customer account , log in with your username and password.

  • If you have an active pass or subscription, there will be nothing more to do. Otherwise, the system will offer you to buy a new pass/subscription.

  • Is it possible to cancel a reservation?
    Yes, by accessing the reservations area on your customer account.  Cancellation must be made before the lesson time so that the lesson is not taken from your package . Similarly, for any absence without cancellation in advance, the course  will be deducted   from your subscription.

  • Cancellation of a course by the Anjaliom Center  
    The Centre  Anjaliom reserves the right to cancel a course:

  • During school holidays or public holidays;

  • If there are less than 4 people (yoga classes) or 3 (other classes)  registered for the class, two hours before class time (three hours during school holidays) .

  • If the teacher has a serious impediment.

  • How do I know if a course is maintained or cancelled?

Canceled classes will be displayed as canceled on the schedule. Cancellations are made with an advance of at least 2 hours before the lesson time.

If a course is cancelled, registrants are notified by email. Their account will not be charged for this course.

Booking lessons

Creation of a customer area

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To book lessons or make a purchase on the shop, it is necessary to create a CUSTOMER ACCOUNT on the site . To create a customer account:

  • on the home page, click on CUSTOMER AREA, at the top right of the page (or on the menu on the left in the mobile phone version).

  • In the "Register" page, insert your email address and the password of your choice and click on the "Register" button. A confirmation email with a link to click will be sent to you to confirm your registration. It is done! Now you can make your reservations ("book a class" button on the  home page).

  • Warning: some email addresses (especially those with the .free extension) are rejected by the system: if you do not receive the confirmation email, please use another email address to register .

  • If the email address is already known to the system, the message "An account with this email already exists". In this case, click on "Connect" at the top and, on the connection page,  insert your email and click on "Forgot your password?". You will immediately receive an email with a link to reset your password.

This same procedure is accessible when you book a course without having created an account beforehand.

Ancre 1

Customer area management

In your customer area you have access to all the information on your account such as:

  • your current and past subscriptions ;

  • your course or workshop reservations ;

  • your registered means of payment ;

  • the history of your orders on the online store.

  • Where is my subscription information?
    On the My subscriptions page you will find all the information on your current and past subscriptions, the number of courses still available and the date of expiry or automatic renewal. 


  • Where are my reservations?
    On the My bookings page you will find all the information on upcoming bookings as well as the history of the lessons you have already taken. 

  • How to cancel a subscription?
    S​in your customer area, go to the My subscriptions area, choose the subscription to cancel and choose "cancel" in the button on the right. Once the subscription is terminated, it will show "pending cancellation" until it is finally terminated. The remaining courses will be available to you until the subscription end date and any future payments will be forfeited.

  • When is it possible to cancel a subscription?
    Termination of a subscription is possible at any time since its subscription. Unused courses or labs will remain available to you until the subscription expires.

Utiliser l'application Spaces  pour gérer votre compte

L'application Spaces vous permet de gérer vos réservations, votre compte client et vos achats.
Téléchargez-la ici:

Spaces pour Iphone
Spaces pour Android
Utilisez le code PP9POX pour rejoindre le Centre Anjaliom sur Spaces.
cours en ligne

Distance learning/online courses

Some courses or internships can be taken online
Caution ! To be able to follow the online courses it is necessary to:
  • send us a request by email to ;
  • have at home the minimum equipment necessary for the practice : two belts, a pair of bricks, yoga blankets, etc.
The link to follow the course on Zoom is sent with the booking confirmation email. 

I install Zoom
  1. Sign up at   ( it's free);

  2. Download the Zoom application which allows you to participate in the course:


I join the room

Open the Zoom application on your computer or tablet, click on " Join "  and use the ID and password contained in the confirmation email from the_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ reservation. You can also open the Zoom meeting directly from the link contained in the same email.

I prepare my session
  • a carpet,

  • a belt or similar support (dress belt, rope, scarf, etc.)

  • two bricks or similar support (books, plastic boxes, etc.)

  • a chair or stool with a seat 40 cm from the ground,

  • at least three blankets or similar sufficiently firm support (bedspreads, bath towels, bed linen, etc.)

Camera Placement:

If you decide to be visible for corrections, place yourself in full light, far enough away so that you can be seen entirely and possibly from 3/4.

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