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Pilates Coresprit®


A Pilates technique for everyone


The Coresprit Pilates method is based on the principle that no two perfectly identical bodies exist and that any body discipline should adapt to this reality. 

The Pilates Coresprit technique combines the basic principles of the "classic" Pilates method with recent knowledge on the functioning of the body to allow gradual and risk-free access to this formidable discipline.

Since the Pilates method was already originally designed as a rehabilitation practice, its principles remain firmly anchored in Pilates Coresprit.

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The gradual approach

In Pilates Coresprit,  each classic exercise is studied from its basic variants . The courses, organized on  three levels   (basic, intermediate and advanced), follow a specific  program throughout the year   where the movements are worked on in isolation until they are well integrated.


A practice open to all

One of the specificities of Pilates Coresprit is its  body of exercises and preparatory techniques  for Pilates work itself. Cette partie de l'entrainement est indispensable pour créer la  flexibilité , la  force  et les  alignements   necessary for the practice of Pilates. The preparatory work makes most of the basic exercises easier and helps to alleviate various  body problems, especially of the back, pelvis and joints of the arms and legs.


Safety first

All variations of the exercises are designed to allow risk-free practice . The use of  small materials   (balloons and balls, rubber bands, etc.) in beginner courses has several functions : on the one hand, the supports help the proprioception (the feeling) of the body, on the other hand making the practice suitable for people with specific physical problems.


The body-mind connection

If to turn on a computer the first thing to do is to plug it into an outlet, likewise  a body practice cannot work if the body has not been previously "_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_branché » to the brain practice. The Coresprit method places special emphasis on this aspect of Pilates, essential to start a real change, in the body as in the mind.

Progress to change, change to progress

In the Pilates Coresprit method, the commitment of the student with himself is required from the first lesson. Emphasis is placed on the  concentration   and the  precision  and the  precision _cc781905-5cde-5c6bb-3b518-bad in the execution of exercises. The changes that we see very quickly happening in our body and in our mind will invite us to go even further beyond our physical and, more often, psychic limits, to discover potentialities whose existence we did not suspect.

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