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Pilates class times

Mat Pilates classes for practitioners of all levels.
Duration: 1 hour

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•   Monday        12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.     All levels

•   Saturday        12:00  p.m. - 1:00 p.m.    All levels     

Pilates classes on a mat enriched with stretchers and floor bar technique for practitioners of all levels. Duration: 1h30

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•   Jeudi     5h45 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.       All levels

horaires cours pilates paris 19
About the class
Classical Pilates Method Class
All levels including beginner 

Who should attend?

The classic Pilates method class are aimed at practitioners who wish to:

  • improve their posture through targeted work on the strength of the spine and abdominal region  ;

  • acquire a better awareness of the body-mind mechanisms and develop their concentration , coordination and breathing in physical practice;

  • in case of pathologies of the column and pelvis (scoliosis, hernias, crushed discs, etc.), free yourself from chronic or occasional pain  ;

  • optimize their sports or dance performance   at the amateur or professional level;

  • restore the tone of the entire pelvic and abdominal region after childbirth or surgery.


What am I going to learn?

​Classic Pilates classes will teach you to:

  • create a deep link between mind and body by developing your observation and proprioception skills (feeling of the body);

  • understand your postural attitude and learn to self-correct on a daily basis;

  • improve your concentration to achieve deep and lasting results.

What results will I get?

​ The physical and mental benefits of this method are numerous:

  • the postural muscles of the spine and trunk and in particular the abdominals are strongly stimulated and toned;

  • the mobility of the spine improves and the pain gradually disappears ;

  • the muscles of the legs and arms are strengthened , and that without excessive load on the joints;

  • blood circulation is stimulated and improved thanks to the lying position and attention to breathing ;

  • mental-body work helps with concentration and the elimination of stress;

  • the attention paid to the muscles of the perineum and the pelvic floor contributes to the tone of the latter and to the health of the entire pelvic region (intestinal, reproductive organs, etc.).

Jo Pilates in the 1950s with a student

Ballet Pilates Classes
All levels including beginner 

Ballet Pilates classes combine the Pilates method with floor barre and flexibility techniques for dance for amazing results on muscle tone, posture and joint and muscle flexibility . All accompanied by music for more pleasure and concentration.


Who should attend?

The Ballet Pilates course is for practitioners who wish to:

  • combine the benefits of classic Pilates with those of floor barre and obtain deeper results on flexibility and muscle tone ;

  • lose weight while gaining lean mass without shortening muscles ;

  • practice an activity complementary to classical or contemporary dance to improve performance in terms of coordination, balance and precision ;

  • practice intense discipline at the muscular level even in the presence of significant joint problems (injury to the knees, spine, etc.);

  • practice a discipline that is rigorous and fun at the same time and that affects all body segments of the body.

What am I going to learn?

​ The Ballet Pilates class will teach you:

  • to master and apply the principles of the Pilates method to the practice of relaxation and muscle strengthening;

  • to strengthen proprioception, the sense of space and coordination to create fluid and harmonious movements;

  • to mobilize the body segments with full awareness of the stability of the body centre;

  • to reproduce simple sequences of "danced"  movements.

What results will I get?

Ballet Pilates is a very complete technique that acts on several levels. We can wait each other:

  • a marked improvement in muscle tone and flexibility in the legs, spine and shoulders;

  • better coordination of movements and balance;

  • for dancers, Ballet Pilates has prodigious effects on the execution of turns, jumps and in general on everything that requires a strong and stable body center;

  • to a loss of weight, especially in the trunk and the abdominal belt and to an improvement in the tone of the legs and arms.

ballet pilates.jpeg
Practical advice
Before class
  • Practice on an empty stomach and do not drink during practice. It is best to practice once digestion is complete, so space your practice about 4 hours after a meal or 2 hours after a snack. 

  • Wear comfortable, clean clothing. Avoid clothes that are too long, too loose, synthetic fabrics that prevent perspiration.

  • Always book your lessons on the site or on the app at least two hours in advance.

  • Arrive between 10 min and 15 min before the start of the course, so that you can prepare yourself quietly and give the mind and body time to "disconnect" from the outside world. 

  • Make any payment before the start of the course. 

  • Inform the teacher before the start of the course of any health problem(s), pain, injuries, or if you are pregnant. Adapted practice may be required. 


frequently asked Questions

Do I always have to attend the same class at the same time?

The ideal is to find a schedule of your level on which you can be regular each week.

If you cannot attend your usual class, we encourage you to catch up on another class during the week.


What is the ideal pace of practice? How many lessons per week?

Initially, we recommend a frequency of at least  once a week to monitor the progress of the class you are attending and to give your body time to integrate the effects of your practice.

If you subsequently feel the need to intensify your practice, gradually increase the frequency of your classes, keeping in mind that the quality of your work and the intensity you engage in during each class prevails over the quantity of classes. that you take .


I practiced Pilates in another center for three years, what level of Coresprit pilates should I attend?

You can attend all classes, knowing that the advanced level requires good physical condition.


The class times for my level do not suit me, can I take more advanced level classes from time to time?

Beginners are also accepted in level 2 and general courses. Consult your teacher to choose another course if the schedule for your level does not suit you. 

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