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What is Yoga?

The study and observation of consciousness requires constant discipline to reduce or eliminate the external causes of mental agitation. For the gaze to turn inward, it must first detach itself from the outside. Thus, the negative feelings that cause uncontrolled waves of thoughts should be individuated and rejected: hatred, anger, lust should no longer find a place in the mind. 

In all forms of yoga, therefore, the study of consciousness is based on physical or moral practices, to create ideal conditions for the elevation of consciousness. 

qu'est-ce qu'est le yoga

The word “yoga” (from the Sanskrit root: योग, yuj, “to unite, harness, yoke”) brings together a variety of very ancient physical, mental and spiritual practices, the purpose of which is the control and pacification of movements . mind and thought .  

Yoga, a primary instrument of Indian spirituality for several centuries, is not specifically linked to a religious tradition. It is one of the six orthodox philosophical systems of India. It has been used over the centuries as a support and a means of seeking salvation, through techniques of asceticism and meditation which raise the practitioner to an understanding of the true nature of existence and bring him to the path of the release

The mechanisms of the mind

The " union " evoked by the word yoga, would therefore be that of man with the divine, but, first of all, it refers to making contact with the deeper aspects of consciousness , those which are normally hidden by the constant swirl of thoughts on the surface of the mind, and therefore remain invisible to us most of the time. 

Thoughts are generated by the simple contact of the mind with the outside world , through the sense organs : at every moment, our eyes, our ears, our nose, our tongue and our skin perceive and transmit information to us, each having a different impact on our ideas. A perfume can evoke a memory, an image can create a desire, a noise can bother us, etc.   Calming this number of “waves” of thought is, according to yoga,   essential for the purposes of spiritual progression . Once the delusions are gone, our view of reality becomes clearer and our actions sharper. With constant and dedicated practice, it can lead to true inner change, to a lucid, stable and balanced self-awareness in all life situations. 

The hygiene of life in yoga

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