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The team

Piccarda di Montereale Mantica

Iyengar Yoga

Classical and Contemporary Dance

Corespirit Pilates

Piccarda is the director of the Anjaliom center and a teacher of Iyengar yoga, Pilates method and classical and contemporary dance.

A past as a professional dancer in Italy (Scala in Milan) and a university degree in architecture led her very early on to the art of building and straightening human bodies. She began teaching contemporary and classical dance in 1994, then, enthusiastic about the Pilates method, graduated from the FIF (Italian Fitness Federation) and opened her first dance and Pilates center in Italy in 2002. In 2006 , she establishes and puts a name to her own method of teaching Pilates on mats by founding the Pilates Coresprit® technique.

In 2008, the happy encounter with Iyengar yoga led her to begin teaching training with Sri Faeq Biria (Iyengar yoga center in Paris), from which she graduated in 2013. In 2009, she resumed teaching. Anjaliom center in Paris.

She now runs the center and teaches Iyengar yoga, Coresprit Pilates and classical dance there and leads training courses for Coresprit Pilates teachers.


piccarda di montereale professeur de yoga
Jerome Dubos

Jérôme Dubos  Yoga Iyengar

Jérôme has been practicing yoga since 2006, following an Ayurvedic massage course, where the teacher offered a yoga class every morning.

Thus, he first practiced hatha yoga, alone for two years, based on the series learned during the course, then he began to take Iyengar yoga classes in September 2008, in Anjaliom, thus presenting himself to the teacher from then:

"Hello, my name is Jérôme, and I want to be a yoga teacher".

He didn't know then that there were different schools, he realized that quite quickly!

At the same time, he followed a course at the faculty of Paris III allowing him to practice six sports activities (yoga, qi gong, taï-hi, soft gym, massage dressed in Thai inspiration, body maintenance) over two years, in 2011 / 2013).

From this course, he rediscovered the taste for massage, dressed, which he continues to practice Thai, which can bring him closer to a passive yoga by certain stretching.

He practiced at the center and at home, until entering training in 2014, and obtained certification in 2017.

He continues to practice yoga at home and in class, to continue to progress in his practice and teaching, day after day.

Photo profil pilates.jpg

Clementine Quilici  Yoga Iyengar

I discovered yoga when I was 18. This encounter transformed my daily life and helped me grow.

Quickly, I wanted to go further in this way. Wanting to share with others, the joy and the light that yoga has brought more in my life.

I studied Iyengar yoga with certified teachers and at the Center de Yoga Iyengar de Paris. I did the teacher training with Faeq Biria and his assistants/trainers. 

  I have several years of teaching experience in Paris where I teach adults but also children from 6 years old and teenagers.

I also had the opportunity to teach yoga to people in precarious situations as well as to people with mental disabilities. Yoga is for me a wonderful tool that must always remain open to all. 

I will be delighted to share with you all the joy, energy and introspection that yoga brings with particular attention to each of my students and respecting their abilities.


Elena Manente   Yoga Iyengar

Born in Venice, Italy, Elena encountered Iyengar yoga in 2014. 

A few months later, on returning for the first time to the Iyengar Yoga Center in Marseille, it became obvious: she began to practice assiduously in parallel with her work in order to be able to integrate a training course which she completed, between confinement and another, in March 2021, under the guidance of Stéphane Lalo.

In Paris she is a pupil of André Rivoire, whom she assisted for two years for therapeutic courses, Cristina Costa and Filipe Montenegro.

Since 2016 she has been teaching in studios but also within several associations and at Sciences Po, allowing her to meet diverse audiences. 

It combines the precision of alignment with a gentle and joyful approach to practice. 


Elena continues to train and regularly participates in advanced training with senior teachers such as Patricia Walden, Abhijata Iyengar, Christian Pisano, David Meloni, Gabriella Giubilaro.

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