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The Pilates training program is made up of 6 modules with the aim of training you as a Pilates instructor or acquiring additional techniques if you are a physiotherapist , dance teacher or sports trainer, to develop as part of your job. specific skills adapted to all audiences.

This training is also suitable for the professional retraining of entertainment and dance workers in particular .

Our training modules are supervised by experienced professionals recognized and qualified in the fields of "sport-health", yoga and dance.

Module 0

Fundamental Matwork

The basics of the Pilates method and the teaching of beginner exercises without equipment. 

Unit 2

Matwork Small Material 1

Teaching basic exercises with materials: Magic Ring et  Thera Band®, Mini Stability Ball.

Module 4

Therapy, Pregnant Woman and Senior

To be able to supervise and adapt Pilates classes for all problems and work in nursing homes

Module 1

Basic Matwork

Go further in the knowledge and practice of basic exercises to become a confirmed teacher of Matwork Pilates.

Module 3

Matwork Small Material 2

The teaching of basic exercises with the materials: Toning Ball, Swiss Ball, Foam Roller.

Unit 5

Intermediate Matwork

Teach Pilates at an intermediate level with or without equipment

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