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Covid 19 Health Protocol

In order to be able to combine lessons and health constraints in the best conditions, we ask you to read and respect the standards of this health protocol.

In the reception and changing rooms:

  • wearing a mask is compulsory;

  • signage recalls barrier and distancing gestures;

  • gel dispensers and/or bottles of hydroalcoholic gel are available to students;

  • students must  disinfect their hands and feet before each start and end of class.



  • The maximum number of students for each course is limited to 12;


  • A social distance of at least 1m50 must be maintained entre practitioners;

  • The wearing of the mask in the rooms will be to do with each teacher.

  • The windows of the salle  will remain open throughout the duration of the lessons.

  • Yoga and Pilates equipment, as well as dance bars will be cleaned. A cleaning kit will be available in the room.

  • For classes where students use mats (yoga, floor bar, etc.)

    • or the students come with their own mat.

    • or they plan to come with a towel that they can put on the mats available (option valid only for Pilates and dance classes).

Thanks for your help!

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