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Yoga Class Videos

The videos of  yoga classes help you develop a personal practice , progress   and continue your practices even from a distance .  
Once purchased a video, it remains at your disposal forever: in this way you will be able to see and review your lessons and thus take advantage of an excellent educational tool to improve your practices .

Do you have a course pass or subscription? You can use a face-to-face lesson to buy a video lesson by sending an email specifying the chosen lesson(s) to:

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How it works?

​ Once you have purchased your video, you will receive a PDF file containing the link to access the course on the YouTube platform.   This link is strictly personal and it is forbidden to share it with third parties .


Which level to choose?
To avoid any risk of injury, it is important to choose a level identical to or slightly lower than that of indoor practice.

I prepare my session
Recommended equipment for taking the video lessons:
  • a carpet,

  • a belt or similar support (dress belt, rope, scarf, etc.)

  • two bricks or similar support (books, plastic boxes, etc.)

  • a chair or stool with a seat 40 cm from the ground,

  • at least three blankets or similar sufficiently firm support (bedspreads, bath towels, bed linen, etc.)

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